Here we have a pre owned EBS HD360 Anniversary bass amplifier head.   Special Edition celebrations 30 years.  360 watts at 2ohms.  EBS makes the ultimate “High Definition” bass amp.  They have a sound all to their own.  This HD360 is in excellent condition.  It has a few light marks but that’s its.  Truly very clean condition. The chassis has rubber feet on the bottom or you can rack mount it. The power cord is included.   The HD360 will give you a clean and powerful tone.  All solid state power for a real “feel”.  Sometimes the Class D amps don’t produce the right low end or can get a little “loose”.  The HD360 will not let you down in that area.  It is thunderous.  Thanks for looking and happy buying!

From EBS site…

EBS HD360 Anniversary model – 50 units Limited Edition!

EBS HD360 Anniversary model is made in only 50 units to celebrate EBS 30 year old history.

This amplifier is a true collectors item and at the same time a fantastic bass amp! It derives from the legacy of the HD350 amplifier – a classic among solid state bass amplifiers.

This amplifier has a design inspired by EBS 30th Anniversary that gives the amp an exclusive and distinct look. 

The HD360 Anniversary model provides a modern bass sound of finest quality. It also provide the characteristics of the original EBS 350 amplifier due to adjusted filters in the preamp. 

  • Type: 100% Solid State
  • Built-in Compressor/Limiter
  • Extremely Powerful 4-band EQ
  • Serial and Parallel Effects loop with mix-level control.
  • 9 volt Phantom Power System™
  • Character filter.
  • Filter Remote Inputs.
  • Balanced XLR-Out with optional speaker simulator and ground lift.
  • Line and Tuner Out
  • Output Power: 360 W RMS @ 2 ohms

The basic layout of the control panel (from left to right) feature a Character filter, which is a quick fix to a modern type sound by offering a mid-scooped overall tone. The input Gaincontrol set the signal level into the amp from your instrument. The Filter Active button activates/bypasses the EQ filters, the shelving Bass filter followed by the advanced Middlefilter where you pick the frequency range you’d like to adjust with the right control and cut or boost in that range with the left control.

Don’t forget the clever “Notch” function. When the Cut/Boost control is set to “Notch” you can identify and scoop out frequencies causing unwanted feedback with the Frequency control. It is very useful in rumbling venues that may pick up certain frequencies, or when you get feedback from an upright bass.
Next is the shelving Treble filter and then the unique Bright filter, which is almost like a volume control for the cabinet’s tweeter. When turned up it opens up the sound and makes the tone huge and alive.

The Drive offers that extra grit that makes the amp growl as much as you want. From just a smooth boost to growling distortion.

On the back panel you’ll find the Effects Loop, featuring a Mix level control that lets you blend in all effects hooked up through the loop with your sound, from zero to a hundred percent. Effect Return also offers the same Phantom Power function that you find on the Input jack at the front. There is a Tuner output, for connecting a tuner rack unit easily. You have a Line out, in case you need the power from another amp to drive a second pair of cabinets, and finally the Filter Remote Inputs to connect the RM-4 footswitch that lets you switch on and off Character, Filter Bypass, Drive and Mute from front of stage.

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