Musical Instrument Repair

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Instrument Repair Services

instrument string change service

String Change

FROM $50

Let us throw on a new set of strings so your instrument plays at its best, stays in tune, and enhances your tone.

instrument setup

Complete Setup

FROM $75

If your instrument isnt quite feeling the way it should, let our techs give it a pro setup so you can keep rockin’.

fret repair

Fret Repair

FROM $150

Got Buzz? Dont worry about a thing. We’ll level and dress those frets to eliminate buzz and fretting out in no time.

guitar bridge reset

Bridge Reset

FROM $250

Years of string tension and play could cause the bridge to start to lift on you. We’ll fix your bridge and reset it for you.

guitar neck reset

Neck Reset

FROM $350

Got a guitar that is simply unplayable? Let our techs reset the neck for you to enjoy your guitar once again.

guitar crack repair

Crack Repair

FROM $150

Oops! Sometimes cracks happen. Don’t worry our repair techs are experienced with repairing all types of damage.


CF Martin Guitar Repair Center

We have been a C.F. Martin certified warranty center since 1995 and have worked on 100’s of Martin guitars and have become very familiar with the issues that they tend to develop and how best to correct them. When you bring your C.F. Martin instrument to Murphys Music we help you understand what is covered by the warranty and how to go about getting the necessary repairs completed properly.  We also work on many other guitars, mandolins, banjos, and electric instruments. Our repair department will conduct a complete assessment of your instrument and provide you with a repair estimate as soon as possible so that we can get your instrument back in your hands and playing so that nothing stands between you and your music.