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Here we have the amazing Xotic XW-1 Wah pedal.   Absolutely an amazing way with all the control you need to customize your tone.  Smaller footprint than a standard was so it fits easily on most pedal boards.  LED indicator light so you know what’s up!    Controls on the side for Bias, Wah-Q, Treble, and Bass.  True bypass switching of course.   Handmade in the USA.   Put one on your board today!  Thanks for looking and happy buying. 
From Xotic’s site… BIAS, WAH-Q, HI AND LOW EQ exciting and innovative

Self-lubricating nylon bushing pivot for quiet and smooth operation with fully-adjustable rocker pedal tension.

Gold contact relay true bypassing, which allows for transparent true bypass tone, while incorporating ultra reliable switching with minimum one million life cycle.

20% smaller footprint than conventional wah pedals.

Fully adjustable Wah-Q and Bias controls and a two-band EQ with +/-15 dB center-detent potentiometers optimize the voicing for different playing styles and gear.

Fuzz friendly buffering circuit assures a great sounding wah tone with your favorite fuzz pedals.

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