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Here we have the brand spankin new Old Blood Noise Endeavors  Whitecap Tremolo pedal.  This pedal is insanely good!   It has both an Analog and Digital Tremolo effects.  It features a Tap Tempo feature with an external tap input if you desire.  The series/parallel switch lets you run the analog side into the digital or run them both at the same time!  Also has a ramp feature so you can speed up the rate by holding down the footswitch.  Just another great example of OBNE’s awesome pedal engineering.  Put one on your board today!   Thanks for looking an happy buying!

From OBNE site…



Combining a three-control analog tremolo and a multi-shape digital tap tremolo, the Old Blood Noise Endeavors Whitecap tremolo lets the user find new tremolo textures by combining the two sounds in series or parallel. Quick chops, slow ramps, asynchronous modulations, smooth sines, phase flipped undulations, textural rhythmic drifts – it’s all there in the Whitecap.

Whitecap features:

  • An analog tremolo with rate, depth, and volume controls

  • A digital tremolo with rate, depth, and volume controls as well as tap tempo and five selectable waveforms

  • A series/parallel toggle to run analog into digital or both side by side

  • Huge volume boost available in each side

  • Expression jack for external tap control

  • Ramp mode to shift the speed up or down by holding the tap footswitch

  • Relay bypass switching and standard 9VDC center negative power

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