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Here we have the brand new NUX NRV-3 Damp Mini Reverb Pedal.   New and improved version with 3- classic reverb styles. ( Plate, Spring, and Hall ) Controls for Decay, Level, and Tone. The pedal operates in True Bypass or Buffered Bypass modes.   Can operate in Mono or Stereo (The jacks are TRS)  Truly a jam packed mini pedal with that goods to prove its worth.  It even has a hold shimmer function when you press and hold the foot switch button.   The pedal runs on a 9v dc power supply (not included) This pedal rocks and everyone should have one!  Thanks for looking and happy buying!

From NUX site…

Plate reverb was inspired by EMT 140, which made use of a metal plate suspended in a steel frame, that was able to recreate reverberations similar to those heard in an acoustic space; renowned studio reverb found on classic recordings.

Spring reverb simulates the spring tank that a mechanical disturbance propagated in a spring by creating a mechanical oscillation. To achieve a “bouncy” tone, Spring reverb is a solid choice for adding a bottom-heavy dimension. Classic “surf” reverb; great for Rockabilly too!.

Hall reverb is based on the legendary Lexicon 224 which was unleashed in 1978. We simplified the DECAY, LEVEL, and TONE controls. It has famously lush reverb tail which single-handedly defined the sound of an entire era. Large encompassing reverb with warm decay.


  • 3 reverb types in the mini enclosure.

  • Plate: Clear ambience. Renowned studio reverb found on classic recordings.

  • Spring: Bottom-heavy dimension flashback. Classic “surf” reverb; great for Rockabilly!

  • Hall: Lush & large encompassing reverb with warm decay.

  • Holding footswitch for secondary function. (Shimmer, Freeze)

  • True-bypass or Buffer-bypass(Trails).

  • Supports Stereo.

  • Low power consumption. (less than 100mA)

  • Analog dry signal for low noise and zero latency.

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