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Here is the new Friedman Mic-No-Mo’ passive cabinet emulated direct box.   This handy box is perfect for running in-between your amp and speaker providing you with an emulated XLR output.  Perfect for live performance or recording.  Please note that the Mic-No-Mo is NOT a load box.  You have to have a speaker connected.   Easy to use with controls for Level controls, Mic Axis, and Ground lift.  Take the mic out of the equation and keep it simple.    Thanks for looking and happy buying!
From Friedman’s site…
Passive Guitar Cabinet Emulated DI Box

Less Time, Less Clutter, More Tone

The Friedman MIC-NO-MO all-analog cabinet simulation box eliminates issues like mic-bleed,
cluttered stages, and inconsistent mic placement. It does it with the popular cabinet simulation
found in our Runt series of amplifiers. Simply place the MIC-NO-MO between your amplifier
and speakers*, select your favorite simulated mic placement, and send the pure sound of your
unique tone to the audience without the headaches associated with using actual microphones.
The MIC-NO-MO may be the easiest, best-sounding, and the most-consistent tonal solution you
can add to your rig. So, whether you’re a guitarist searching for Friedman-quality tone night
after night or a sound engineer who knows there’s got to be an easier way, you owe it to
yourself and your audience to try the Friedman MIC-NO-MO.

MIC-NO-MO Features:

Front Panel
From amp: Connect to your amplifier’s speaker output with a ¼” speaker cable
To speaker: Connect to your speakers (cabinet) with a ¼” speaker cable

Back Panel
Balanced output: Connect to a mixer or interface with an XLR cable
Ground lift: 2-position switch eliminates ground loops
Axis: Select between the brighter center or darker edge simulated mic placements
Level: Select between a -10 dB to -30 dB pad for proper pairing with other audio equipment

*NOTE: The MIC-NO-MO is not a load box. ALWAYS use with an appropriate speaker cab.

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