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Here we have a new  EBS Reidmar 752 lightweight Class D Bass Amplifier head.   The Reidmar 752 is the newest head in the line but boasts a whopping 750 watts of power at 2 ohms. (450 w at 4 ohms)  The perfect light weight (8lbs) of boutique bass tone!!  It is amazing for the stage or studio.  It’s loaded with great features like a Character filter, Compression, FX loop, XLR output, Line out, and headphone jack.  The Reidmar is a hifi bass amp head that has a quality of its own. We’ve been an EBS dealer for quite some time and we always get rave reviews on these amps.  If you’re tired of the norm and looking to try something different then give an EBS a go.  You probably will not be disappointed.  Thanks for looking and happy buying!  

From EBS website….   EBS sound quality in a lightweight amplifier

The latest generation of Reidmar amps combines EBS’s world-famous analog preamp technology with EBS’s lightweight power amp design.

The new power amp module in the Reidmar 752, developed by EBS, is tailored for bass and handles a 2-ohm load. It provides the optimal output for any EBS speaker cabinet without risking blowing any speakers and delivers a solid, great tone with lots of punch and clarity. EBS-developed Soft Clip technology protects the amp from overload while preserving bottom and solid bass tone at higher volumes. 

The powerful EQ of the analog preamp helps dial in any sound you like with ease, and the Driveadds harmonics and dirt when needed. The built-in adjustable Compressor handles any unwanted peaks for a more controlled sound. 

Your amplifier on and off the stage

Connect your amp to the front-of-house or any recording device via the balanced XLR-output. The amp is safe to use without connecting a speaker if wanted. 

Connect headphones for late-night practice sessions at home, and use the Aux input to add music to play along. 

The Reidmar 752 got your back

The amp fits nicely in a laptop bag, and the lightweight saves your back when traveling with your Reidmar 752. 

Other features include:

  • 4-band EQ
  • Effects loop (send and return)
  • Line out
  • Remote Control Connections to add the EBS RM-4 footswitch to control Character (on/off), EQ-section (on/off), Drive (on/off), and Mute.

The Reidmar 752 is equipped with a D-class power amp developed by EBS providing 750 W RMS @ 2 ohms load. Weight is 3.8 kg (8.3 lbs). The amp’s footprint is reduced by 13% compared to the 750-model.


Type: Analog Preamp,

D-Class Power Amp developed by EBS

Built-in adjustable Compressor/Limiter

Extremely Powerful 4-band EQ

Drive Control

Effects loop

Character filter.

Balanced XLR-Out with Pre/Post EQ switch and Ground Lift.

Line and Headphones Out

Aux Input

Remote Output for connecting EBS RM-4 footswitch to control Character Filter, Drive, EQ bypass, and Mute function

Output Power: 750 W @ 2 Ohms

120/230 V Switchable

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