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Here we have a brand new E.W.S. Pocket Noise Silencer Mini Power Supply.  Made in Japan.  Metal enclosure with extremely high build quality.   The PNS takes in a 9v dc power source like a 1- Spot or Power All (not included) and evenly distributes in with clean noise free power.  If you run a daisy chain to power your pedals, you might want to take a look at this.  It cleans everything up while keeping things simple and lightweight.  The grounds are not isolated. Perfect for all 9v powered pedals. Please note that the PNS does not come with 9v wall wart. You must supply your own. The PNS is a distributor only.  Put one on your board today and clean up the mess!  Thanks for looking and happy buying!

From E.W.S site….

PNS-1 is a DC power distributor with a powerful built-in noise filter. By connecting this to a commercially sold 9V adaptor (*Specifications of compatible adapters are listed in below Description of Functions column}, you can distribute clean electric source from the DC with significantly reduced noise element to multiple effects.

During the recent years, popularity of switch-type adapters has grown very quickly. Although these adapters have wide range of input voltage, are smaller in size and weight, and capable of high capacity output current, because of their structure, they are known to cause very specific high frequency noise. 

PNS-1 uses powerful noise filter to significantly eliminate this high frequency noise but its system is completely passive and will not consume incoming power. 

It is also effective in significantly eliminating the noise element when you connect linear-type adapter. 
Each input and output terminals are setup with protective circuit. This is a counter measure against troubles caused by misusage such as using wrong output short-circuit or polarity. 


Input DC9V、5.5x2.1mm barrel connector

Output DC9V×5 output、DC9-18V×1 output 5.5x2.1mm barrel connector

I/O Power Polarity Center negative

Size 88 x 34 x 30mm

Weight 114g


Instruction Manual,

Warranty Certificate

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