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Here we have a new Darkglass Element Headphone amp and cabsim.   This amazing device is the size of an average pedal and is packed with features for the touring and recording bass players.   It is a full headphone amp so you can rehearse is silence.  It also has 5 cabinet sims loaded in it so you can choose your sound.  The Element also functions as a USB-C interface so you can go direct into your computer for recording.  XLR balanced output for going to direct to a PA system for live use or into an external interface.  1/8th inch Aux input for jamming along with music, Bluetooth, and 2- headphone outputs.  Absolutely awesome unit!!  Thanks for looking and happy buying!
From Darkglass site…
One comprehensive device, that out of the box offers a bank of 5 cabinet simulations, and the ability to change them through the Darkglass Suite, a multi-channel USB-C audio interface, Bluetooth technology to listen to backing tracks while playing, rehearsing, or studying. Two headphone outputs to allow interaction among musicians. XLR output to connect the Element to your external audio interface or PA system. With a uniquely innovative approach, the Element provides in one device an immensely practical tool to empower modern musicians.
Features Phones

Two touch sensitive volume control sliders, one for each headphone output.


A touch sensitive slider to set the blend between the main input (Instrument/Amp in) and the backing track (Bluetooth/Aux in) for the headphone out mix.


One USB-C port for transferring impulse responses and firmware XLR output updates

Aux In

You can connect the line/headphone out of your laptop/keyboard/mixer etc. into the 3.5 mm aux input on the Element.


Width: 64 mm (2.95 in) | Height: 111 mm (4.37 in) | Depth : 35 mm (1.77 in)

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