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Here we have a brand new Cicognani Boutique Series SexyBoost 2 pedal.  The SexyBoost is a tube powered boost pedal with two kinds of boost on tap. One is a clean boost and the other is a midrange boost.  The mode is foot switchable.  The pedal has controls for  Clean Boost -Cut/Boost, Midrange Boost – Cut/Boost, and a passive tone control.  The SexyBoost works well in front of drive pedals or amps to boost gain and sustain or use it after your drives for the best solo boost.  The pedal is powered by a 12vdc power supply (not included). The pedal requires 250mA of power but trust us when we say it is worth it.  That tube needs the power!  The SexyBoost really does do what it promises and the internal preamp tube actually functions and provides that sound we’ve all been chasing.  These pedals are hand made in Italy with very high build quality.  It’s a boost and its sexy!   Add one to your board today. Thanks for looking and happy buying!

From Cicognani site…

SEXYBOOST2 is an analog tube boost that integrates two important functions: clean signal boost and midrange boost. SEXYBOOST2 functions, in total sound transparency, makes it possible to excel in its features both in “front-preamp” and “post-preamp” use, always being excellent in all two modes of use. It’s easy to use and the frequency filters are calibrated for the best performance sounds. One of the peculiarities of the “MID BOOST” is to increase the medium frequencies and at the same time attenuate the super high ones (Mosquito). This type of boost is very suitable for soloists as it allows you to be very presence without increase the volume level in a high way. It’s also very interesting to boost an overdrive in order to obtain a powerful and fast crunch. The valve plays an important role in ensuring incredible headroom.

The pedal uses quality materials and is equipped with two switches: The first is a classic stable true-bypass necessary to activate and deactivate; The second allows you to choose the type of “boost” between clean (transparent) and midrange increase.

We recommend using power supplies that guarantee a good starting current. The valve in the moment of preheating needs an adequate current peak. The power supply is well “low noise” and “stabilized” to ensure the best characteristics of the product.

Power In

12VDC (Negative Tip)


Max 250mA

Input Impedance

<1M Ohm

Input Level

Max 1Vpp

Clean Boost Level

Max +8db

Middle Boost Level

Max +8db

Band Pass Frequency


Tone Level


Tone Filter


Max S/N Ratio





0.3kg (0.6 lbs)


120mm (4.7″)


94mm (3.7″)


45mm (1.770″)

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