Here we have a pre owned Westminster Effects Wittenberg Bass Preamp pedal. Made in the USA.  The Wittenberg Bass Preamp is a simple use preamp and DI all in one.  Lets be honest, bass players want things simple and easy to use.  The Wittenberg has controls for Frequency , EQ, Volume, and a 2- position EQ Toggle switch.  The toggle switch engages the EQ control.   The Wittenberg also has a DI or XLR balanced output on the side. This is perfect for going direct front of house or to an interface for recording.  The pedal sounds huge and we were quite impressed with some of the tones we got.  The pedal is in excellent condition and comes with its original box and sticker.  The DI output on the side is just a little crooked but does not effect the use of it at all.   These pedals are handmade in Lymon SC, USA and each one is made by hand.   Thanks for looking and happy buying!

From Westminster’s site…..
Bassists should be exhorted to be diligent in crafting their tone. Why run a simple direct box, when the Wittenberg Bass Preamp has both EQ capabilities and a DI output? The Wittenberg Bass Preamp’s simple-to-use three-knob configuration enables bass tones all the from fat to funky and features Volume, Frequency for setting the center frequency, and EQ to set how steep the EQ’s curvature is.

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