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Here we have a new Way Huge Electronics WM41 Swollen Pickle Smalls Fuzz Pedal.  All the juicy goodness of the famous Swollen Pickle fuzz but in the newer, smaller enclosure. Controls for Loudness, Filter, and Sustain.  Scoop and Crunch switch for further tone shaping.  Fuzz for days!  Very tweak able circuit that can fill a wide range of fuzz tones.   Thanks for looking and happy buying!

From Way Huge site…
THE LONG STORY The Way Huge Smalls Swollen Pickle Jumbo Fuzz concentrates all the potent flavors of its predecessors into a super pedalboard-friendly housing with a simpler interface so that you can plug in and serve up savory saturation in no time at all. Use the Loudness, Sustain, and Filter controls to season your sound to taste. For further customization of your delicious dish, flip the Scoop switch to carve out the mids for power chords that sound huge, and use the Crunch switch to toggle compression intensity. Flipping both switches down delivers the classic three-knob Swollen Pickle setup. In its condensed form, the Swollen Pickle Jumbo Fuzz is no less potent—it still has more fuzz than a moldy peach!

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