Here we have a pre owned Unique-Vine Shiftee Univibe pedal by Jim Klacik. Made in 2016. These are quite rare and this one is in fantastic condition and comes with an EHX 24v dc adapter.  The Shiftee  is a more pedal board friendly version of his vibe. It provides a removable power adapter, expression pedal input jack, and it is true bypass. Controls for Volume, Intensity, and Velocity.  Switch for Chorus/Vibrato.  This is one amazing sounding univibe and is a great find.  The pedal is in great shape with only some minor marks.  Neatly applied dual lock on the bottom. We do not have the box so you will receive the pedal and dc adapter only.  Thanks for looking and happy buying!

“The SHIFTEE is my attempt to provide the great vintage Uni-Vibe sound in a smaller, more affordable package. It’s the same circuit but on a smaller circuit board, using 1/4W resistors to save room . . . and using modern production components. Same photocells and bulb as the larger vibe, just in a smaller package. The SHIFTEE has a DC jack installed so you’d use a 24VDC wall transformer (5.5mm x 2.1mm jack, center positive). So there’s only low voltage (24VDC) going into the enclosure. I think they sound identical to the big vibes and my Unique-Vibe customers who have also purchased a SHIFTEE agree. The SHIFTEE also incorporates a true bypass footswitch (big vibe is not true bypass) and also has a CANCEL switch that acts like rocking the pedal back on a vintage vibe – bulb shuts off but you’re still playing through the vibe’s preamp. I don’t include a foot controller with the SHIFTEE but I provide a jack for a foot pedal should someone want to build one (I can provide a wiring diagram).”

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