Here we have a pre owned Tone King Ironman II 100 watt Precision Reactive Power Attenuator.  Made in the USA.  The Ironman II attenuator is perfect for those high powered tube amp heads.  When you need to tame those beasts for practice, recording, or live performance, an attenuator is the only way to go.  The Ironman II comes with everything you see in the photos.  The unit itself, Power adapter with additional plugs for international use, foot switch, cable, second set of smaller feet, and manual.  The unit is in excellent condition and is ready to serve a new owner for many years to come.  Thanks for looking and happy buying!

From Tone King site….

All great tube amps sound best when they’re being pushed. But that often means angry looks from bandmembers and sound engineers. Those days are over. The Ironman II allows you to take your ground-shaking rig to whisper levels. Unlike other tube amp attenuators, the Ironman II’sreactive load technology and transformer-coupled power division circuitry does it while retaining all of the detail, warmth, and response of your pure tone. Today is the day to experience the Ironman II for yourself.

  • 100-watt attenuator offers cranked tone at whisper volumes
  • Reactive load technology maintains the relationship between amp and speaker
  • Custom-designed, transformer-coupled signal flow
  • Foot-switchable Solo Mode (footswitch included) provides a boosted level with the tap of your toe
  • Dial your amp’s top-end character to perfection via the Presence switch
  • Cabinet-emulated XLR DI output sends mic’d up tones direct to the board
  • ¼” Line output can drive additional amplifiers, your favorite IRs, and more
  • Match any cab to your amp regardless of impedance

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