Here we have a pre owned Line 6 Spider III 2×12 Digital Modeling Guitar Combo Amplifier.  The Line 6 Spider series has been a staple in the guitar world for years now.  The Spider III features tones of amps and effects.  It has four accessible presets on the front panel, and tons more when you add a foot controller board.  Including in they sale is the FBV Shortboard controller.  It connects with a single Cat5 cable.  It opens the door to what the Spider can really do.  The FBV gives you a built in Wah or Volume, more presets, Tuner, Tap tempo, and the capability of turning individual effects blocks on an off, inside a preset.  The amp and pedalboard are in very good condition.  The amp has definite signs of wear. It has scuffs, scratches, marks, nicks and general wear and tear.  The tolex has some tears and is separating on one corner (see photo).  The amp is 100% working perfectly.  There is some sticker residue on the from upper grill cloth.  The FBV is in great shape with some light scuffing.  FBV manual, Cat5 cable, and amp power cord are included.  All in all, this is a great amp for a beginning guitar player or for the seasoned player.  Perfect for home, studio, and gigging.  Thanks for looking and happy buying!

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The Line 6 Spider III 120W Stereo Guitar Amplifier is a modeling amp with both the quality and features guitarists want. Twelve amp models and seven dynamic effects are built in, giving you hundreds of tonal combinations right out of the box. These models are combined into 250 presets dialed in by some of the world’s greatest guitarists, plus 150 more presets based on classic rock riffs.  You can also store your own configurations in one of 36 blank memory locations. Two custom 10″ Celestion speakers lend rock-n-roll authenticity to the modeled tones.

A separate ouput for headphones or direct recording and a CD player input are available, as well as a Line 6 pedalboard input, letting you take the Spider III from practice to gig to recording studio. And of course, a tuner is built in. 

12 Custom Amp Models

Ranging from Clean to Insane, the 12 amps modeled within the Spider III make a wide variety of musical styles possible with just a turn of the knob.

Seven Smart Control Effects

Integrated effects like sweep echo, phaser, and flanger can be dialed in quickly and combined intuitively, giving you great guitar tone fast. Distortion Boost and Noise Gate are also available.

Stereo Amp

Since the Spider III 120 is a stereo amp, you get maximum benefit from stereo effects such as Line 6’s own invention, Sweep Echo.

Extensive Preset Library

There are 250 presets created by world-class guitarists, many of whom use Line 6 amps in their own music, packed into the Spider III. Then another 150 presets are added based on classic rock songs. There are 36 empty memory locations for your own creations.

Genuine Celestion Speakers

This Spider III comes equipped with two 10″ Celestion speakers–the same speakers that give Marshall stacks their powerful sound–custom made for Line 6.

Excellent Connectivity

The main output is augmented by a headphone/direct output, and a CD/MP3 player input. You can also connect a Line 6 pedalboard for on-the-fly manipulation of amp parameters.

Sales tax will be collected for all New York residents. Due to new laws in effect, other states are now collecting tax as well. Please note that this is out of our hands. If your state collects sales tax, it will be added to the sale total.  

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