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Here we have a pre owned G&L CLF Research Doheny V12 Electric Guitar.  This version of the Doheny features the V12 Pickups that were designed with the spirit of Leo Fender. Diving deep into his research, the McClaren brothers took the technical data that Leo had and came up with some of the best sounding humbuckers we’ve ever heard from a G&L.   They operate in three modes- Series humbucker, Parallel Humbucker, or single coil mode.  This one features an Okoume body with a beautiful Old School Tobacco finish.   The guitar has just been setup by our technician and is playing great.  Strung with 10-46’s.   The neck is nice and straight and the truss rod is working perfectly.   This guitar didn’t get a ton of play time so the frets are in excellent condition.  The guitar plays like butter in your hands and the range of tones are very impressive.  Cosmetically, the guitar has a couple of dings.  Previous owner stated the guitar had called off a stand and subsequently got two dings on the top of the guitar.  Please see photos.  One is about the size of a pencil eraser and the other is much smaller.  Other than those, the guitar is very clean.  Some light marks and swirling. She weighs 7lbs 14oz.  The guitar comes with its original G&G Hard Shell case and all paperwork including Build Sheet and Certificate.  Thanks for looking an happy buying!  

From G&L’s site…  

The CLF™ Research Doheny™ V12:
Explore New Sonic Territory in Leo’s Land

When the G&L Doheny was launched in 2017, its application of Leo’s modern features was expected. The breathtaking versatility of its MFD™ singe coil pickups, however, was a revelation, a guitar capable of delivering delicate, airy jangle all the way to thick, grindy single coil tones. Those pickups were painstakingly created by Johnny McLaren in the spirit of Leo’s later work at CLF Research.

The CLF Research Doheny V12 digs even deeper into the rapid pace of technical development that was the hallmark of Leo’s CLFR years, with particular focus on his late ’70s to early ’80s development of MFD guitar humbuckers. With the benefit of decades of hindsight and unlimited access to Leo’s technical work, brothers Dave and Johnny McLaren challenged themselves to create the most musical MFD guitar humbuckers ever to come from Fender Avenue. But they set their sights even higher: fulfill a vision Leo had for “end-to-end” humbuckers that would sound beautiful in series-humbucking, parallel-humbucking, and single coil modes. Pickups that would sit well in a variety of musical contexts, never short of either power or articulation. Pickups that would put a smile on Leo’s face.

Leo believed musicians could understand and benefit from more control over their instruments, and in his later years, Leo was particularly interested in fundamental coil control. The reward can be a surprisingly versatile instrument, and that’s why each of the Doheny V12’s MFD humbuckers is individually controlled by a 3-way mini toggle with classic CLF color-coloded switch tip, white for neck pickup and red for bridge pickup.

The period styling continues with original CLF black wrinkle powdercoating on a one-piece aluminum control plate/pickguard, a perfect backdrop for the exquisitely machined and chrome plated CLF knobs for volume, treble and bass. The Dual Fulcrum Vibrato features a CLF 3/16″ machined stainless steel vibrato arm for a period look while benefiting from today’s forged brass saddles and block. Put it all together, and the Doheny V12’s gorgeous looks and bold, pioneering spirit make it an offset for the ages.

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