Here we have a super cool vintage Fender Concert 2×10 All tube guitar combo amplifier.  Made in the USA in 1982 or 1983. Serial number F214191. From the “Rivera” era.   6L6 power section.  This Concert has factory EV speakers (yes, it’s heavy)   The amplifier is a 2 channel design with Reverb.  It also has an Effects Loop with Send and Return levels.   The amp has received a clean bill of health from our technician and sounds great.  We do not have the footswitch for it. Could use a footswich with 2- 1/4″ plugs. Switch controls (Reverb/Lead)  It comes with a non original Fender cover.  Cosmetically, the amp is pretty clean for condition.  The right side of the amp has some tolex scrapes or rash and the metal corners have some scrapes on them.  No major tolex tears or breaks.  The Rivera era amps have a clean and a lead channel.  A little different from the black and silver face Fenders we all know.  The clean channel takes pedals very well.  The lead channel is rainy but not a high gain sounds.  A good crunch and medium distortion.   Shipping cost will be pricey due to size and weight. Local pickup is welcomed.   Thanks for looking and happy buying!

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