Here we have one beautiful pre owned Epiphone Dot Semi-hollow electric guitar with some nice upgrades.  Made in 2000 in Korea.  Semi-hollow design with a center block.  Laminate Maple body,  Mahogany neck, and a Rosewood fingerboard.  This beautiful guitar has the classic two tone sunburst gloss finish.  This one is in very nice condition.  The previous owner has upgraded the pickups and electronics. It now has Gibson 57 Classic humbuckers with Nickel covers and has been rewired with all USA pots and wire. It has chrome hardware with some typical tarnish for the age of the guitar. It is 22 years old.  It has been set up with 10-46’s and is playing great. The neck is straight and the truss rod is working as it should. The frets are in great shape and have plenty of life left in them. The guitar plays clean up and down the neck and is really pleasing to play.  There are no major dings, dents, or chips on the guitar.  It is very clean.  There are a few light marks on the guitar but nothing major at all. The guitar is fitted with Schaller strap lock buttons and there is a strap in the case with the other side of the locks. The guitar weighs 8 lbs 4 oz.  Please see all photos for detailed condition.  The guitar comes with its original Epiphone branded hard case.  Thanks for looking and happy buying!
From the web….
If you’re lusting for a Gibson ES-335, but can’t swing the lofty price, the Korean-made Dot is an attractive alternative. Like the original, the Dot features a laminated maple body, a glued-in mahogany neck, and a dot-inlaid fretboard. The Sunburst finish is period correct. The stop tailpiece and bonnet knobs are authentic touches, as are the “Gibson” engraved trussrod cover and the orange sticker visible through the upper f-hole. 
The Dot is well made. Its medium-sized frets are lightly polished and well shaped, the neck joint is clean, the hardware robust, and the finish is flawless. 
Sounds and playability. The Dot’s neck is a little girthier than the ultra-slim sticks fitted to some 335’s. It fills your hand nicely, and the low action makes it a delight to play. Played through a variety of amps, the Dot does a decent job of evoking the plump
shimmer of a real 335. Higher gain settings yield some of the meaty rhythm colors and round, sweet lead tones associated with Larry Carlton and Robben Ford, but the pickups definitely lack the detail, dimension, and vibe of early Gibson Humbuckers. The Dot get you in the 335 ballpark-just don’t expect the box seats.

.The Epiphone Dot Archtop is a classic among rock and jazz guitarists. With construction modeled after the legendary ES-335, the Dot is a great, affordable way to get the same familiar semi-hollow tone. The Dot shares much in common with the ES-335 — from the alnico-magnet humbucker pickups to the set maple neck to details like the “Gibson” engraved trussrod cover and stopbar tailpiece. Comfortably priced within range of working musicians, the Epiphone Dot features a classic semi-hollow design and a pair of humbuckers to provide warm, full-bodied sound. The dual alnico pickups are modeled after the classic era humbuckers that defined the jazz and rock tones of semi-hollowbodies from the ’60s. While the hollow wings of the Dot Archtop provide excellent body and sustain, the middle is a solid piece of wood which works to reduce feedback. Its body binding and laminated maple body looks great in the natural finish. The neck is slightly rounder than the ultra-thin style of some ES-335s, but remains extremely playable.

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