Here we have a pre owned Epiphone Blues Custom 30 2×12″ All tube guitar combo amplifier.  Designed in the USA by Gibson- made in China.  The Blues Custom 30 is a 2- channel amplifier with a dedicated clean channel and a drive channel.  Reverb on both channels.  Custom Eminence Lady Luck 12″ speakers.  The amp can run class AB at 30 watts or a Class A at 15 watts. Great blues amp delivering good clean tones and a chewy drive channel.   The amp is in good condition. It has marks, nicks, and some scuffs on the tolex.  There are a couple of tolex tears on the bottom edge of the back panel.  The Epiphone logo is missing. The Drive pot has a smaller chicken head knob on it. We do not have the footswitch for it but any 2- button standard 1/4″ latching switch should work.  The Blues Custom 30 is a great amp for blues and rock tones. Great for the stage or studio.  It is a lot of amp for the money.   Thanks for looking and happy buying!

From the web….

Epiphone’s Blues Custom 30 packs a ton of vintage blues tone into an affordable and versatile combo! With 30W of Class AB (switchable to 15W Class A) the Blues Custom 30 is like having two vintage amps in one. The Dual Mode EQ functions in two modes: either Interactive (knobs affect each other) or independently (knobs work separately to affect the tone) for exciting new ways to modify your tone. The Blues Custom 30 has five 12AX7 tubes in the preamp, two 5881 power tubes, and a 5AR4 rectifier tube for a tone straight from the ’60s. With its tube reverb, you won’t find an amp with this much tube tone at this price anywhere. The Blues Custom 30 pushes all this tube-goodness through two 12″ Lady Luck Eminence speakers.

  • Power: 30 AB/15 A W
  • Type: 100% Tube
  • Class: A & AB
  • Rectifier: Tube- 5AR4
  • EQ: Two Modes-Independent and Interactive
  • Preamp : 12AX7 (5)
  • Power: 5881 (2)
  • Speaker Type: 2X12″ Lady Luck by Eminence
  • Tube Reverb
  • Channels: 2
  • Outputs: 4 Ohm (2), 8 Ohm (2) & 16 Ohm

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