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Here we have the new Emma Electronic PisdiYAUwot Distortion Pedal.  The pedal is described as a beast and it definitely lives up to that name. Killer high gain drive pedal geared for metal players.  From 80’s scooped to all out full bodied mid brutal assault.  This magical pedal will take your clean channel and turn it into a fire breathing metal god!  Controls for Gain, Low, Mid, High, and Level.   Made in Denmark with the highest quality.  Thanks for looking and happy buying!
From Emma’s site…

PisdiYAUwot – Not Just Another Distortion Pedal

One thing we think that no one has really nailed yet, is a great pedal for metal. Most of them seem to be either too muddy or too slow for the really fast riffs. We thought that we needed to build a distortion pedal that had a low end punch that resembles beating sheet metal with a big hammer. We also wanted a pedal that was able to scoop the mids the Dimebag way and to push up the mids the NuMetal way. Full mids with body that is.

We worked really really hard on achieving this, and we’ve done stuff that no one has done before in a distortion pedal, doing things that are considered politically incorrect, in engineering terms. But we did it anyway – why? Because it worked! We don’t care about specs and fine numbers. We care about music and musicians. Because we are musicians ourselves, we know what you guys are talking about.

We absolutely think we got this one right. It kicks major butt, and has surprised everyone we played it for. If you are into metal or at least into heavy riffing rock, this is a must hear. I’m not a metalplayer myself, but I have to have my daily fix of the PisdiYAUwot.

By the way, the name PisdiYAUwot. What does it mean Angus Podgorny? It sort of means a ‘contraption’ – with the difference that this is a contraption that actually does work!