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Here we have a set of new (Open Box) Dimarzio DP549 Ultra Jazz 5 bass pickups.  These were purchased brand new from our store and the customer had opened the box only to find out that they would not fit in the bass he had intended them for.   So they are new, but the box has been opened. They come with screws and wiring diagram.  The Ultra Jazz 5’s are hum cancelling pickups.  So you can get all the great tone of the Jazz bass pickup but without the pesky hum.  These pickups do not fit a Fender 5 string jazz bass. Their pickups are sized a bit differently.  Thanks for looking and happy buying!
From Dimarzio site…
The Ultra Jazz 5™ has many of the same qualities as the 4-string Ultra Jazz™, but it’s been specifically designed to meet the demands of 5-string basses. By means of a unique application of Virtual Vintage® technology, the Ultra Jazz 5™ both cancels hum and produces balanced power and frequency response across all five strings. Although designed for passive operation, the Ultra Jazz 5™ also performs excellently with many active onboard preamps. Neck and bridge position. Important Note: The cover dimensions of the Ultra Jazz 5™ are not the same as 5-string Fender Jazz Bass®. The Ultra Jazz 5™ therefore <strong>cannot</strong> be installed as direct replacements on these basses without modification. Quick Connect No Wiring 2 Conductor Magnet Alnico 5 & Ceramic Resistance 16.6 Kohm & 16.9 Kohm

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