Here we have a pre owned DigiTech Screamin Blues Overdrive pedal for guitar.  Classic blues overdrive with controls for Level, Low, High, and Gain.  From a clean grit to a beautiful hollow bluesy tone.  The pedal is in great condition minimal marks and two tiny tiny chips.  It comes with its original box and manual.  Thanks for looking and happy buying!
From the web….
DigiTech Screamin Blues Overdrive Distortion Pedal brings powerfully dynamic blues grit to your rig.
The Screamin’ Blues Overdrive-Distortion pedal is for those guitarists who need a responsive pedal that recognizes the intricate playing dynamics that comes with being a blues man. Blues players from all around have shown their love and respect to the Screamin’ Blues for giving them the most control of tone possible in a compact low cost overdrive. It’s all in how you play it, strumming lightly will give you a mild, warm overdrive sound, but push the gain and pound the strings and you’ve got a heavy sustaining, dirty blues tone that screams with all the ultra-rich harmonics you can handle. 

DigiTech Screamin Blues Features

  • Level, Low/High and Gain adjustments to dial in your sound
  • Dual Outputs
    • Amp output for connecting directly to a guitar amplifier
    • Mixer output for connecting directly to a mixing board or recording device
  • Cabinet Emulated Circuitry for mixer output
  • Hours of playtime from one 9-volt battery

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