Here we have a pre owned Diezel Einstein 1×12 All Tube 2- channel high gain guitar combo amplifier.  Diezel amps are made in Germany with very high build quality.  The Einstein is more a “Rock” amplifier.  It has 2- channels.  Channel 1 has three modes and can go from clean to serious crunchy rhythm and lead.  Channel 2 is a high gain monster with searing sustain and that classic Diezel sound.  The amplifier also has two switchable Master Volumes.  Perfect for a lead boost. The amplifier is in excellent condition with no rips or tears.  The cabinet is loaded with a 16ohm Celestion V30 speaker.  It has real spring reverb that sounds great.   The Einstein has two Effects loops (Serial and Parallel w/Volume control) It is tubed with TAD EL34’s and they sound great.  There are two foot switches included. One controls the Reverb and the other is a two button that controls Channel and Master.  The amp weighs a pretty 70 lbs so shipping will reflect that.   Overall, the Einstein combo is a beast of an amplifier.  From funk to clean to metal, it really has a wide range.  Its a do everything type of amp.  Thanks for looking and happy buying!

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