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Brand new to Murphy’s Music is the Catalinbread line of effects pedals.   These pedals are handmade in Portland, Oregon.  We are excited to offer these to everyone.   This listing is for the Catalinbread Coriolis Effect pedal.   The Coriolis Effect pedal is an awesome multi dimensional pedal that we really aren’t sure just how to describe it. Catalinbread says that it is a Sustainer, Wah, Filter,  Pitch Shifter, and a Harmonizer all wrapped into one.   Thats a perfect description.   The controls are for Position, Velocity, and Acceleration.  Between these three parameters you can conjure up a ton of different sounds.  If you add an expression pedal, you get control over either the Velocity or Acceleration parameters.   Hold button freezes the current sample allowing you to play on top of what’s already happening.  Its pretty damn cool and Lets face it… you want one!   Thanks for looking and happy buying!  

From Catalinbread’s site…

A sustainer, wah, filter, pitch shifter, and harmonizer rolled into one.

 The Coriolis Effect is a phenomenon in classical mechanics where a trajectory becomes altered due to a rotating frame of reference. The Catalinbread Coriolis Effect has three main parameters to change the equations of motion for your guitar signal. Turning down the Velocity and Acceleration controls drags your playing into the heart of a black hole, redshifting your tone into a lower pitch and filtering out the high frequencies. The Hold button will instantly pull you into the black hole stopping time completely. Plug in and explore where humanity has never shredded before! In short: Think of the Coriolis Effect as a sustainer, wah, filter, pitch shifter, and harmonizer rolled into one—the sonic possibilities are endless!

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