Here we have a pre owned Behringer US600 Ultra SHifter/Harmoniist pedal.  Amazing digital harmony pedal for guitar, bass, and keys. Add harmony, crazy pitch shifting effects and even Whammy style effects.  The pedal is in excellent condition.  We have half of the box.  The top cover box is missing.   Tested and working perfectly.  Thanks for looking and happy buying!
From Behringer’s site…

Using the US600 ULTRA SHIFTER/ HARMONIST is like adding another guitar player to your band. Shift single notes and chords to create simple transpositions, intelligent harmonies and radical bends up to ±2 octaves.

Astounding Sounds

Whammy bars add a handsome shimmer to your guitar sound by detuning your strings and then returning them to pitch. And the sound of two guitars playing in harmony adds a soaring, heroic touch to an ordinary lead. The US600 is built to take the place of a whammy bar AND a second guitarist. Its Real Sound Modeling (RSM) technology, with its sophisticated algorithms, delivers the delicate harmonic overtones that are critical to creating realistic harmonies and transpositions.

A Multitude of Modes

The US600 stomp box offers 5 totally unique Modes: Tremolo Bar, Flutter, Detune, Harmonist and Pitch Shifter. Pitch Shift and Tremolo Bar pitch can be shifted from 0 to 2 octaves; Harmonist pitch can be tweaked to track 3rds, 4ths, 5ths, 6ths, octaves or double octaves. There’s even a separate 10-step Key select control, as well as Delay/Speed and Balance – to dial in the exact amount of the effect you want to blend with your original signal.

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