Here we have a vintage Aria Pro II RS Straycat electric guitar.  Made in Japan in the mid 1980’s.  Most likely in the Matsumoku factory.   The guitar is a Red gloss finish.  The guitar has a Maple neck and a 22- fret Rosewood fingerboard.  Equipped with two humbucking pickups, 3- way selector switch, Volume, Tone, and coil tap switches.  6-point Strat style tremolo with tremolo arm.  The guitar seems to be all original.  It has just been set up with 9-42’s and is playing great.  The neck is straight and the truss rod is working as it should.  The frets are in great shape with only minor sings of wear. There are a few light divots on the first few frets.  Typical wear for a guitar of its age. Cosmetically its in great shape with a few small marks and scuffs. (see photos)  There are a few small indents on the finish and some minor scuffs. There is a finish crack near the bass side where the neck bolts to the body. Again, it is 35 years old. It’s a very comfortable and easy guitar to play, it is almost effortless.  I’m sure a lot of us had similar guitars growing up so I know for sure that this one brings us right back to the era. All in all, a cool piece from the 1980’s and an example of Japanese quality.   Thanks for looking and happy buying!

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