Here we have an excellent condition Analogman Sunface Fuzz pedal with the BART High Gain Germanium transistor.  Larger box enclosure, Sun Graphic, made in 2020 in the USA.  Analogman is one of the makers of fuzz pedals on planet Earth.   The Sunface has two simple controls for Volume and Fuzz.  Its fuzz… keep it simple.  The Sunface has a big thick tone and also rolls off really nicely with your guitars volume knob.  Industry standard fuzz pedal for so many great players.   This one is in great shape and comes with everything you see, box, sticker, bag, rubber feet and manual.   There are a few small scuffs on the bottom. Thanks for looking and happy buying!
From Analogman’s site…
BART (Big ass Russian transistors) : these are available in 2020, BIG fuzz sounds but excellent cleanup throughout the volume pot range on your guitar. Cuts through great, some edge and crunch to the sounds. Run the FUZZ knob down a bit and the BIAS up a bit for cleaner sounds like the white dot NKT275. These will use the slightly larger case as they are too big for the small case. This case allows any options (top jacks, on/off pot, top power jack if no CLEAN knob). These are a little noisy (white noise/hiss). 

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