Here we have a pre owned 1989 Ampeg SS-140C 2×12 140 watt Stereo Guitar Combo Amplifier.  Made in the USA by SLM.  Absolutely crushing gain from this monster. Metal players know all about this awesome amp.  It was offered in head and combo version.   This amp is fully functional.   Everything has been gone through and it working perfectly.  It has two channels, Chorus, and Reverb.  Effects loop on the front panel for patching in your favorite effects.  The SS-140C is a great workhorse amplifier.  The clean channel is loud and takes pedals well.  The gain channel has high gain and can conjure up some demonic tones.  The chorus sounds really good due to the amp being a true stereo amp.   Cosmetically the amp is in good condition. There are nicks, marks, scuff, scratches, and discolorations across the entire amp.  The grill cloth has some tears and discolorations as well.  One of the speaker cables has been replaced and has a straight plug on it.  One of the plastic nuts for the channel switching jack is missing.  The amp has casters on the bottom.  We do not have the footswitch for it but the functions are controlled by 1/4″ jacks and universal switches could be used.  If you crave 90’s metal tones, we suggest you check this out!  Thanks for looking and happy buying!

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